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SNE® SAP-A Series Mini Air Purifier


SNE® SAP-A Series Mini Air Purifier


SAP-A is based on aerodynamics and adopts self-owned MCITM technology developed by our company for many years of R & D. An electrostatic filter installed at the air inlet captures respirable suspended particulates (RSP), and different air pollutants are eliminated by a series of catalytic mechanisms triggered by ultraviolet light, airflow and heat. This system provides a large and strong oxidant to eliminate bacteria, microorganisms, RSP, formaldehyde, VOC, nicotine and so on from carpets, plastics and smoking. In particular, carbon monoxide and odor can be effectively alleviated, creating a healthy and comfortable environment for drivers. Drivers can keep a high degree of vigilance, and can respond to emergencies on the roadside.


SAP-A8 Features:

1, Effectively Eliminate biological, chemical & physical air pollutants to safeguard a healthy environment for drivers & passengers indoor;

2, Certified by the world's largest Testing Institution SGS

3, Dynamic operation about 10 times air exchange every hour;

4, Improve air quality so as to keep drivers sober for driving safely;

5, Meet all safety standards, very reliable and maintenance free;

6, Electronic purification device, no consumables or refilling required;

7, No chemical residues and any secondary pollutions;

8, Energy saving – consuming less than 5watts;

9, Environmental friendly with very low noise-level (< 35dB);

10, Electrostatic filter is set at the inlet of return fan, which can process and absorb PM10 and PM2.5 particles, to improve the cleanliness, brightness and comfort of the air.


SNE® MCITM Technology has been Tested and Certified by the

SAP-A8 Specifications:


Fan Volume

Treatment AreaH<3M



(Car used)






Supply more color.

( Enclosure: DC/12V Plug )






Model: S/M/L

According to the area, pollution selected Model

( Enclosure: AC/220V – DC/12V Power )



(Wall Mounted)


Model: S/M/L

According to the area, pollution selected Model


( Enclosure: AC/220V

DC/12V Power & Wall- -Mounting Board )



SAP-A8 Application:

SAP-A8 Series are suitable for Car, Office (10-20M2), Living room, BB room, Reading room, Rest room, Toilet, Travelers, Smokers and so on. For any Indoor small area where have pollutants, Odors, cold and flu viruses problems. SAP-A8 Wall-Mounting type can be installed for Lift, Office, Toilet, Cloak Room, Hallways, Pet Areas….etc.

SAP-A8 Application Photos

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