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SNE® RAS - 60FRN In-Door Air Purification System



Advanced In-Door Air Purification System                   

The RAS Systems are designed by SNE® for eliminating sick building syndrome risks by killing and reducing bacteria, virus, odors, smoke and VOC, through MCITM  Multi Catalytic Ionization Technology. The RAS are easily installed and portable indoor, where has most sick building problems, and it also can remove odors and smoke. The RAS can create the Multi Catalytic Oxidation Process to eliminate the air pollutant either.

SNE® MCITM Technology has been Tested and Certified by the

MCIITM Multiple Composite Catalytic Technology:

SNE®MCITM/Multi-Catalytic Ionization Technology taking the international leading role, uses a special dual-frequency quartz ultraviolet tube, which generates high-intensity UV Nano-light waves, catalyzes O2 in the air, and producing low-concentration and safe Bio-O3. Unlike traditional discharge ozone generators, it does not produce nitric acid and nitrogen oxides pollutions. 

Combining UV + O3 by different ultraviolet spectrum, wind pressure, temperature changes, titanium dioxide NM-TiO2, new type of catalyst, and multiple composite catalysis, which generating Hydroxyl OH0, Superoxide Ion, Hydrogen Peroxide and other advanced oxidant and negative ions. It can quickly kill bacteria, viruses and microorganisms more than 90%. And it decomposes chemical gases, VOC, Odor and suspended matter, such as RSP and PM2.5 and so on. 

When RAS-60FRN is in operation, the indoor air going through the RAS air inlet end, filtered by the filter first, and then sterilizing and decomposing chemical gases, removing odors and suspended matters. The cleaned air return to the room, however the remaining high-grade oxidants and negative ions are still working. 

They continue to purify and reduced to hydrogen and oxygen, without chemical residues and secondary pollutions. Such continuous reciprocating circulation makes the indoor polluted air completely purified, which greatly improves the air environment quality AEQ. 


Treatment Area:

RAS-60FRN/10-60m3  (H=3m)

Bio-Ozone Output:

Max. < 0.04ppm     (Enhanced Model: Max < 0.05ppm)

Ion Generation:

Passive negative ions


Manual & Remote Control “On/Off”


Red LED: Power Supply “On”

Blue LED: Two UV lamps is operation normal 

Fan Volume:

2 X 75 m3/h


4.5 Kg


430 X 220 X 120 (H) mm.  Handle : 25mm


Metal fuselage and add to spray plastic


AC/220V/50Hz. <50W. Fuse: 2A


Portable, Wall-Mounting, Desk.


Standard & Enhanced 2 mode (to appoint in the order)


1, RAS-60FRN has double purification chambers, it makes air purification speed & efficiency are all in very high level. 

2, The on-line sterilization and purification system are not impact people live and work indoor. 

3, Installation in the returned fan inlet can absorb the Suspended Particles RSP and PM2.5, which makes the air to be clean, bright and cozy. 

4, Operation stable and reliable and no need for regular maintenance. It has “Purification fault” and “Power supply” indicators.   

5, RAS metal fuselage with smear plastic is very safe and reliable. 

6, When In-door Fan or Air conditioner in operation, the RAS purification can be quickly improved.  

7, RAS installation can be desk or wall mounted and, it is portable and very convenient to use.




Public Restroom

Locker Rooms & Hallway

Bar & Coffee House

Hotel Room


Food Prep Area & Food Processing Plant

Class Room    

Storage Area & Cloak Room


Nursing Room or Medical Room

Pet Area

Any Indoor Area with pollutants, Odors, cold and flu viruses problems.



RAS can be selectively installed on the Wall with about 2meters height, and it is portable too. 


1. Select “Manual” or “Remote” switches for “On/Off” operations.

2. RAS can automatically on & off via the computer or add a Timer;

3. When the indoor Air Conditioner or Fan running, the RAS can recycle fast by their wind, which makes air purification getting better;

4. RAS is no need to serve 24 hours, if the indoor air is already fresh and clean, you may switch off the RAS, which can prolong the UV tube using life;

5. If RAS needs to move, please switch off the Power first for safety.

 RAS for Offices Buildings-Photos

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