2020年10月12日 星期一

SNE® Professional Manufacture for Air Purification products

SNE is professional manufacture to produce different kinds of Air Purification products for Aeration Systems, such as HVAC (Heating Ventilation and Air Conditioning) and others. 

In year of 2003 SNE invented the first professional HVAC Air Purification products-FAP & CAP in the world with own intellectual Properties. There are thousands of successful cases for Air purification solutions to customers for last 20 years. 

HVAC normally divided 2 systems which are AHU (Air handling Unit) and FCU (Fan Coil Unit). We have specific products for both and other wide ranges of products with very competitive prices. I introduce a part of our products, as followed, with simple indications: 

FAP Series: AHU Air Conditioning Purification System in HVAC

CAP Series: FCU Air Conditioning Purification System in HVAC


FAP VBO Series: AHU Air Conditioning Duct Purification System in HVAC

CAP VBO Series: FCU Air Conditioning Duct Purification System in HVAC 

RAS Series: Indoor Small Area Purifier for Home and Office

PBO Series: Programmable Bacteria and Odor Elimination System for Large Area


LAP Series: Elevator and Lift Purifier

ACP Series: Home Air Conditioner or Fan Purifier (New, Coming soon)

SAP Series: Mini Super Purifier for Car and Jeep  

BAP Series: Bus and Van Purification System


All products can be used in existing Aeration System with different usages, in any indoor areas, such as, Hotel, Restaurant, Office, Resort Villa, Home, Real Estate, Hospital, Public Restroom, Locker Rooms, Hallway, Bar, Coffee House, Hotel Room, Kitchen, Food Prepare Area, Food Processing Plant, Class Room, Storage Area, Cloak Room, Toilet Nursing Room, Medical Room, Pet Area or any Indoor Space with Air quality, Disinfection and Sanitation problems and so on. 

All product parts, such as Optical Tubes made by German Manufacture, AC Adaptor made by American Manufacture with own design, Metal Parts made by HK nominated factories. 

All products are very reliable and user friendly, with no regular maintenance or training required. Replacement and Repairing only needs to change mold parts easily. 

All products have Multiple Purification Functions, for instance, by UVC + Ozone (selectable) + Photo-Catalysis + AOT or Filter and others, which meet all standards from FDA, WHOChina, HK, Europe, USA and other countries, and 99.9% killing all Germs, Virus, Bacteria and so on. 

SNE now is looking for World Wide business partners, please contact Mr. Lance T for more details with the following Email: