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SNE® PBO Series Programmable Bacteria & Odor Elimination


SNE® PBO Series

Programmable Bacteria & Odor Elimination

Air Purification System 

SNE® PBO is high-tech air purification device, integrated with the most advanced MCITM Technology. It can effectively and swiftly exterminate airborne microbial, bacteria, virus and, also eliminating Chemical pollutants, VOC’s, smoke, dust and odors, which be able to greatly improve the indoor air Quality (IAQ). 


The PBO Programmable Bacteria & Odor Elimination Air Purification System, integrated with the MCITM (Multi-Catalytic Ionization Technology)has self-owned intellectual property rights. It combines with the high-strength UV, which is made by a certain quartz ultraviolet duct, and safety Bio-O3. (Different the Corona discharge ozone generators, it doesn’t create secondary pollution, such as nitric acid and nitrogen oxides). Under the control of the special nm-wave, UV+O3 produce hydroxyl Radicals, hydro-Peroxide, Super Oxide Ions and Negative Ions, through multiple catalysis of nm-TiO2 with other catalyst reactions, to kill over 90% of bacteria, virus and microorganisms. 

Also it can absorb and reduce Chemical gas, VOC, Smoke and Odor to improve the IAQ. Under the process above, it may lower the Bio-O3 to the safety level, which is less than the limitation of 0.04 ppm stipulated by U.S. FDA. OSHA. The Hydroxyl Radicals, Hydro-Peroxides will revert quickly and, remain no chemical residue, second pollutions after the pollutant oxidation. 


1, Killing bacteria, virus and microorganism. Removing the chemical gas, odors, VOC and so on.

Installation of electrostatic filters to clear PM2.5-10. 

2, According to level of pollution, it can adjust to different models to: H (High), M (Middle), and

L (Low) automatically by setting different programs. In 7 days 24 hours programs it can automatically running in cycle. So that, the best effective pollution management and controlling purification are made. 

3, Dynamic online purification, Safety for users, Automatic control and No maintenances.

4, PBO is double Purification chambers, which makes air purification speed & efficiency all in high level. 

5, Purification Type: “M”- Middle Purification Level. “L” - Low Purification level. “H” – Highest Leve. PBO has three programmable purification types, which makes the application range becomes very extensive. 

6, Advanced Power Control: it has self-adaptive functions, which can extend the service life for quartz tubes. It has temperature, short circuit and over current protection. It also has the SMT technology, which is stable, reliable and energy- saving. 

7, PBO can be used in many different occasions to meet air quality requirements. It can upgrade the purification effect obviously.

SNE ® MCITM Technology & Products has been Tested and Certified by the 


1.  Purification Area:   20-60m² (PBO-60FA:  S/ Standard/20-40H/ Enhancer/ 40-60m²)

2.  Control:                      Man/Auto

    Power:                         On/Off, On: Indicator Red LED.

    Purification:                L/M/Hpurify type selected by switch. M & L indicators Blue LED.

H = M+L, “M & L” LED all bright.

Auto/Man:               “Man”: manual operation, L/M/H Purification Type selected by L/M/H

 Switch.  “Auto”: Automatic purification operation is started and end

by the programmable.

3.  Fan Flow:              2 X 300m³/hr

4.  Bio-O3Level:       <0.05ppm                          

5.  Size/Weight:       800 X 280 X 230 (H) mm. 14Kgs

6.  Voltage:               AC/220V/50HZ ±10%<150W

7.  Installation:        Wall-mounted or Pendant install.             

8.  PBO Series:          PBO-60FA Model: S/ Standard, H/ Enhancer (Usually, Select PBO Model S.  

If odors Pollution too serious, you can design Purification level with SNE.   


Garbage station, Sewage Water Treatment Pools, Grease Trap Room, Sewage Pumping station, Seafood processing, Cold storage, Storage warehouse, Printing, Biochemistry, Painting, Petrochemical , Print , Hospital, Kitchens, Seafood, Food Processing Plants, Drugs and Dyeing., etc. 


Man (Manual) /Auto (Automatic) Switch: Turning to Middle position first. Open the Power switch.

A.     Manual Operation: switch to Man/Auto, according to your request select the Purification

Type: (H), (M) or (L). 

B.     Automatic Operation:  Man/Auto switch to “Auto”, refer your “Purification Program Table”

To set program. The machine can automatically complete these programs. 

C.     Purification Program Table:  

(1) If choose one week indoor environmental pollution level, it can be deal with all pollutions in Heavy, Medium and low levels. 

(2) Affirm the Purification Type: (H) High purification operation, (M) Medium purification operation and (L) Lower purification operation or PBO “No operation”. 

(3) Every week if the purification treatment time and type are same, the system can automatically running 8 programs.




²  Purification time:   

The time of once air treatment: T = C÷F.

(C = In-Door Volume: m³)       

(F = Purifier Fan Output: m³/hr)

(Suggest: Purification treatment must be > 3 times). 

²  Pollution degree: 

It can be decided according the testing or distinguish on the spot. 

²  Purification time and Type:  

Setting programs requirements: Pollutant diversity, Air circulating speed Indoor, Air condition, Air Conditioner type, Fan volume, Exhaust fan volume, Environment and Personnel… etc factors.  

²  Best Set:  After operating serval times it be able adjust the programs in perfect condition. 


PBO is Wall-mounted or pendant installation. Usually installation to pollution origin about H >2m (according the situation in spot). 

The wall-mounted or pendant installation must be position on the manger steels plank (self

made). It can be easy to fix and unload. 

PBO installation position should keep distance to the exhaust point, to prevent high temperature or water drench.


(PBO application for Macau: Venetian, MGM, COD, Macau University of Science and Technology,

Shanghai Long-hu Hospital & many Food Processing Plants in Mainland China…..etc.).

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