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SNE® CAP - Air Purification System for HVAC (FCU)


SNE® FCU CAP Air Purification System

 In 2002, SNE took the lead in developing the first FCU central air conditioning purification system, which was the first in the world, filling a huge gap in the application of FCU air purification. For more than ten years, SNE®CAP has been widely adopted and passed all necessary tests. The purification results are impressive with outstanding reputation. 

SNE® CAP central air conditioning purification system is a high-tech equipment, using the advanced MCITM Multi-Catalysis Patent Technology, can produce high-intensity ultraviolet rays and safe biological ozone Bio-O3, different from emissions type ozone generator. It will not produce secondary pollutions such as nitric acid and nitrogen oxides. 

The combination of UV + O3 catalyzed by TiO2, other catalysts produce OH0, Hydrogen Peroxide, Superoxide ions, Pure Negative ions, under the action of a special dual-frequency nm wave after comprehensive purification, can effectively kill more than 90% of bacteria, viruses, microorganisms, and also absorb and reduce chemical gases, VOCs, smoke, Odor and suspended matter RSP, PM2.5, etc.

It greatly improve the air quality IAQ, and during this process, the advanced oxidants will be rapidly reduced without chemical residues and second pollution. 

SNE® CAP Efficacy and Characteristics:

1.     Cap is an "on-line" air purification system, which will not affect people’s life indoor during operation; 

2.     Cap can prevent and reduce the occurrence of influenza, pathogenic building syndrome and Legionella disease indoor by dynamic killing of bacteria and viruses. And reduce and prevent bacterial transmission, cross infection, allergy, and protect the people’s health indoor; 

3. It can decompose and eliminate chemical gas, formaldehyde, benzene, ammonia, VOC, pollution, odor by adding negative ions. Adhesion and adsorption of small particles cause large particles to fall easily, improve the collection rate of air conditioning filter, remove RSP and PM2.5, make the air fresh, bright and comfortable, and greatly improve the indoor air quality;

4. The structure is compact and easy to install in the fan coil return box. Its wind resistance is very small and can be ignored. It has no effect on cooling and heating effect, no wind resistance and no noise; 

5. It is equipped with multiple protection power supply control and adaptive design to ensure the stability of quartz tube luminescence. The circuit board adopts SMT process, which has good stability and wide adaptability; 

6. It has all kind of testing certifications from the world's most famous international testing agency SGS, China's CMA, CDC… and other authoritative institutions. The indoor air can meet the relevant standards from the US EPA, FDA, WHO, HK, Macau and Mainland China; 

7. The quartz tube is specially provided by a famous European UV company, with high quality and long servicing life. Our special control power supply makes the UV work under the best condition which extend the running time; 

8. Energy-saving design and power consumption less than <5W; 

9. It specially equipped with a light shield to prevent ultraviolet and ultraviolet direct viewing, and ensure safety; 

10. Low maintenance: stable and reliable operation. Purification fault indicator and Power display are easy for monitoring; 

11. When replacing the UV probe after used a few years later, only move out 4 screws of CAP, it can be completed in a few minutes, which is extremely convenient; 

12. CAP has a variety of models to meet all FCU purification needs;

SNE® MCITM Technology has been Tested and Certified by the 

Using the SNE® air disinfection purification system will make the indoor air as clear as that in the forests or after thunderstorms. People will enjoy a clean, comfortable and healthy environment to work and live. 












127 / 5”





127 / 5”





127 / 5”





127 / 5”





127 / 5”





212 / 9





287 / 11




CAP-V Series:  CAP-80V, CAP-100V and CAP-100HV all is pure 254nm UVC only.


127 / 5”





127 / 5”





212 / 9




CAP-V is no ozone, no AOT, But it has PCT. This is designed for occasions where ozone can’t used or hope to increase the 254 nm effectiveness to kill bacteria and viruses.


1, All the CAP designed is Single quartz UVC tube type.

2, UV Tube: Specially Provided by German Company.

3, Voltage: AC/185-250V/50Hz.

4, According the area, airflow, pollution to model selected can be done.

5, There are power and run light in display of CAP.

6, CAP-100 can be used for New-wind AHU Systems too.

       SNE ® Application List: (Partial)   

CNPC Shanghai China

USA McKinsey(China)

GuoTai Jun An Securities

USA Whirlpool (Shanghai)

Embark Grand Hotel Beijing

USA Coca-Cola (Shanghai

Chang Sha Huang-Hua International Airport

USA Carrie C (China)  

Chang Xing Island ship base

USA Corning (China)  

Hui-Hua Train Station

USA Nike Shanghai Ltd

New World Centre (Shen Zhen)

USA JWT Group China

Nanning Transport Hub 

UK Reuters (Shanghai)

South West Hospital (Chong Qing)

Japan Askul (Shanghai office)

State Environmental Protection Bureau

Japan Shanghai Mitsubishi Elevator Co Ltd

Beijing China Radio Management Committee

Sweden Nokia Siemens Networks (Shang Hai) 

Shanghai Lobng-Hua Hospital

Singapore Raffles Building (Shang Hai )

Bank of China (Gang-Dong)

Philippines Oishi Layaway (China)

Macao Galaxy Entertain Group

Italy Cartier (Hong Kong)

Macau MGM Hotel  

Da Vinci Hong Kong

Macau University of Science and Tec. Hospital

Hong Kong Mitsubishi Elevator

Macau Galaxy Entertain Group

Centre Economic of Hong Kong

Venetian Macao Resort Hotel

Hong Kong Bank of China Centre

Macau Gaia Hotel 

Ritz-Carlton Hotel (Central Hong Kong)

Macau Broadway

Hong Kong Club

Macau Grand Hyatt Hotel

Hong Kong Tsim Sha Shui Plaza

China Trains Privies to Sterilize & Odor Control


2010 SNE® Started to Export to Europe.


CAP Diagram, Model and Installation                                                          


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